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Casa 43 Mexican Food Cayman owners Lloyd and Max are passionate about your experience here at Casa 43 and want you to be transported to a far away place right in your backyard so they have assembled a formidable team to make sure you enjoy not only the great FLAVAS and LIBATIONS but that you also feel the warmth and power of their hospitality and their first unique restaurant experience.


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The powerful Aztec civilization believed that the first generation of its people were devoured by jaguars, the second by great winds, the third by great fires, the forth by floods and that they 5th generation would end with the destruction of the sun! To prevent the sun from being destroyed the Aztec made sacrifices to the Sun God – Tonatiuh and this ritual ensured that the sun would never be extinguished.

In the center of the Aztec Sun Stone / Calendar you will find, “Tonatiuh” surrounded by symbols of the 4 previously extinguished civilizations and his 2 giant “jaguar” like claws holding in their grasp human hearts!!! We will not be sacrificing anyone tonight however we invite you to take a journey through the incredible regional flavors of Mexico and allow your taste buds to be challenged with bold yet tasty combinations of the FLAVAS of Mexico and Latin America.


Our Cooks

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Here at Casa 43 all the cooks are ferociously committed to FRESH FRESH FRESH ingredients and your Mexican culinary journey and they bring influences from all over Mexico and Latin America with specialization in REGIONAL Mexican dishes.

Julio is from Puerto Rico and is a true creator of balanced and unique taste combinations.  He has worked and operated large outlets in NFL stadiums and several Mexican restaurants where his passion for the regional flavors of Mexico has blossomed!

Bryan hails from Costa Rica and is a skilled butcher with a real knack for the grill side of things and building our 13 signature tacos.

“June” is a maestro at everything and is our go to prep, cold station and meat brazing expert who also creates food art for special occasions.

Yousuff is from India and his chef skills on the hot side of our kitchen, especially on the grill, really add to the speed at which we can get the food to your table.

Manuel joined us in 2018 and is a very skilled chef who contributes his expertise to our hot and cold side and is one of our most versatile chefs. Alejandro is from Playa del Carmen Mexico and joined us late in 2018 and has brought another level of professionalism to our kitchen team along with some inspirationally authentic Mexican sauces and dishes.

Kimberly is from Costa Rica, joined us late in 2018 and as Assistant Line Cook works hard at helping ensure prep and the cold station are ready to operate when you come in to enjoy our food. Steven also joined us late in 2018 and has really focused on becoming a great grill man and has become a great taco builder.



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Many of this team have been with us since we opened in 2015 and this translates into an efficient service team with Leandro from Brazil who runs the floor operations and front of house staff and is super-efficient and ably supported by Nikki who organizes all our retail and uses her design skills to make our menus great sales and information tools. Elizabeth is from Honduras and helps show new staff the ropes. Olga also from Brazil has taken on the roles of server and bartender and supports and joins the team of Kyle - USA, Taka – Mexico and Courtney – Canada to keep the bar service hopping and the margaritas flowing!!!

Gabe – Canada is an experienced server alongside Aura – Honduras who seems to always be on point and joined by Bianca – Dominican Republic who has grown into the server role well.

Every restaurant must have those amazing food runners / bussers that get all the food to the tables and keep the restaurant operations moving so we can endeavor to get everyone sat and served in a timely fashion and the duo of Melvin – Philippines and Gigi – Cuba are quite the duo.



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This team is an integral part of our operations and although you don’t see them without them the restaurant would be at a standstill and Ulyamis – Cuba, Yuleydys – Cuba, Tania – Cuba, Migdalia – Cuba and Tesla – Honduras all work together to make sure the restaurant flows, is clean and they even assist with some prep work.